About iPhone Luxury Case

Our business is founded on the premise of motivation as a consumer of paying too much for a brand name iPhone case. We wanted to offer a Premium iPhone case with versatile type of the same great quality. iPhone has been the most popular smartphones for many years, symbolizing the respectability and style. When you have this stylish gadget at your disposal, you certainly need to complement it with designer iPhone cases and other signature accessories.

The store of ILC offers a large range of the best designer iPhone cases at attractive prices. Here you will find cool and trendy accessories that come in various colors and materials, performing both protective and aesthetic functions. The brand includes Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Nike, Supreme, Chanel, Celine and more. And our designer iPhone cases are manufactured to fit different model of iPhone considering the different size, ranging from iPhone 14/13/12/11 Pro, Max and Mini. You could surely find your favorite one.

We provide 30-day free refund and return. Free shipping worldwide for all orders.

How to Choose Designer iPhone Case

Even though Apple is synonymous with high-quality, branded smartphones need additional protection from shock, dust, and moisture. That is why it makes sense to buy iPhone cases to preserve the integrity and presentation of your costly smart gadget.


When it comes to their material, our covers can be divided into these major groups: TPU. It is a high temperature, thermoplastic polyurethane. TPU repeats the phone’s shape and serves for a long time without losing its appearance. This material is a perfect combination of the plastic strength and the flexibility of silicone.

Silica Gel

You can hardly find a better moisture absorbent. The accessory doesn’t weigh down or visually increase the size of the case. The silica gel’s softness and elasticity make putting it on and taking it off entirely effortless.


Soft and anti-slippery material protects your iPhone perfectly, preventing it from scratches, chips, and fingerprints. Bumpers made of acrylic or a combination of different silicone-like materials are the best iPhone cases in terms of safety. Genuine leather. Luxurious accessories emphasize high status, speaking of their owner’s respectability.


A layer of leather is usually applied to the shell cases, making such models both functional and beautiful. Silk and flannel. As it goes with leather cases, silk or flannel models look highly stylish and perform the protective function. These tough yet soft covers cost not much compared to the benefits they offer. We take pride in being on top of the American iPhone case shops list that possess spotless reputation. We are unrivaled when it comes to iPhone cover designs.


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